Welcome to Sun TAB Solar Energy

SunTAB Solar is an importer and distributor of Solar Energy Products, with a clear focus on offering immediate coverage to customers on solar products and technical services. Our trained and experienced technical sales team provide advises by selecting equipments and budgeting the projects to programming, installation and after sales. It’s our way of offering innovative and efficient solutions at a highly competitive price.

Our highest values are honesty, integrity and trust. They are our source of strength and will remain the heart of who we are and what we do.

In order to maintain a long term client relation we have taken measures by focusing more on quality, technology, affordability, expertise, reliability in delivery and committed services.

The products selected by SunTAB Solar are a guarantee of quality. Quality means for us the fulfillment of customer requirements. The objective of process improvement is to increase customer satisfaction.

SunTAB SOLAR ENERGY research is constantly finding new, more efficient and profitable ways of contributing to the growth of the societies in which we operate and help make the world a better and more sustainable for future generations.

We aim to be one of the trusted suppliers and be close in lending support to our customer in their first steps in attaining solar energy.(READMORE)